Enjoy Memphis Nightlife at Its Fullest – List of Top Places to Visit in Memphis At Night!

February 26, 2019

No one while on their visit to Memphis can even think of sleeping at 10 pm! After all, why would anyone want to miss the experience of living its amazing nightlife?

There is much more than you can ever think of doing in Memphis. Are you too ready to have your best experience there? Well then, read on and get to know some of the best places you can visit at night in Memphis!


If you want to see the madness of Saturday night, do not forget to go to Downtown Memphis. You can get all the details about it right on the website of We Are Memphis. You can begin your evening by having dinner at Chisca Hotel. If you want to set yourself lose, then head straight to Paula and Raiford’s Disco. In fact, Saturday night is best night for going there! There are fog machines, light up dance floor, modern-day and old school dance tunes, dance pole, and much more. Just ensure that you bring sufficient cash with you since they accept just cash for its beer, cocktails, and for cover charges as well.

Beale Street

Beale Street is well known as “Home of the Blues” as well as winner of title “America’s Most Iconic Street”. It makes it one of the best spots for spending your Saturday night in Memphis. If you are fond of wandering from one bar to other and want to go to live music bar and enjoy some best adult beverages, this is the right place for you! You can even sing along right at piano bar and absorb blues at the Rum Boogie Café or just dance in club setting.

It must be noted that Beale Streets especially on Saturday nights is for the ones aged 21 or above. Plus, it gets crowded heavily after 11 pm in summer months. You can spend few hours there sipping beer or cocktail and you can even carry your own drinks on street! What else can make you feel high?

Cooper Young

This place offers a bit laid back, yet an exciting night experience. You can begin with drinking few beers at the Memphis Made Taproom and then go to intersection of the Cooper and Young for drinks, music, and dinner! To enjoy a classy dinner, you can head to Sweet Grass, Tsunami, or The Beauty Shop. All these places specialize in Southern and low country cuisine having best cocktail list. After that, you can go to Young Avenue Deli which is reliable spot to visit late night. It has pool tables, exhaustive beer list, and kitchen which stay open after midnight as well.

Overton Square

Overton Square has been well known as hottest place for wandering out especially on weekend nights. There are many dining options, right from tacos, to pro boys. There are even numerous options for entertainment too.

So now it is clear that you have tons of amazing places to visit at night in Memphis, right? Make sure that you visit most of them to have an amazing and memorable vacation there!

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