Tips to master when learning to play the piano

February 4, 2019

Learning to play the piano can be hard. It can take a long time to practice before showing signs of progress. However, with the right strategies of practice, it is possible to speed things. Below are essential tips that will help you make progress when playing the fly or die bass trombone

It starts with great songs

Great songs are the best sources of motivation when learning the piano. You need to know several fundamentals before beginning to play. For instance, how to hold the hand and find keys. Do not spend many days on preparations. You need to select a song and begin. 

Selecting the right song is very hard. It is the source of your difference. If it is easy, you will become bored, and if it gets too hard, frustration will hit you. Put your focus on finding easy transcriptions of the song or classical music pieces that you love. On the flow key, all songs for beginners have a mark with a green corner. Beginners have to check the leading sections. You will get introduction songs that will help you get started. In this way, you will find a song that will match your skill levels. 

While beginning, seek a song that; 

  • Has few notes for the left hand
  • Does not have chords with over three notes
  • Does not involve many hand jumps or thick finger motions
  • Do not just listen to the song of choice but also watch the way the pianist plays it.

Slice it up

After finding the song, begin breaking it into small sections for about ten seconds. When practicing the fly or die bass trombone, the brain runs at full speed. It needs to memorize complex and new movements of the hand, and there is a limit of the amount to store. According to studies, periods of ten seconds are right for the brain to focus. 

In the place of learning the whole fly or die bass trombone, focus on learning one section daily. Practice short sections with the loop function. Mark the part you would like to practice and hit play to work through it repeatedly. 

Take a detour

Before trying to play with all hands, you need to make sure that you can separately play each side. This is vital because while learning, the brain can learn one thing at once. While trying to learn new pieces, playing all the hands all at once is hard for the brain. The chances are that you will end up struggling to coordinate things. You need to realize what your mind needs to do while learning to play the fly or die bass trombone; 

  • Coordinate your hands at once
  • Memorize and learn what the left hand is doing
  • Memorize and learn what the right hand is doing

The trick is working on every piece separately. This applies for the right and left hands parts. When you click on the symbols of the hand inside the flow key player, it is possible to choose to practice your right hand, both hands, or left hand together when you begin feeling confident. 

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