To Be or Not to Be an Actor

January 3, 2019

You watch movie stars and think they have a charmed life, but it is not all glitz and glamour. If you want the fame and fortune of being a film actor you will have to be prepared for all the hard work that comes with it. So before you schedule your actors headshots in Los Angeles, CA, you should read a little further.

The Benefits

Being an actor comes with many perks. You get to be creative and express yourself as an artist. You get to be an influential part of pop culture, leave your mark on history, and participate in projects that have significant meaning.

There are material benefits as well, like getting the opportunity to drive cars, visit locations, and wear clothes that you would never be able to on your own. Once you are an established actor you can get paid very well, and can increase these earnings by doing commercials, endorsements, and other engagements. And of course there is the fame. You can be recognized and admired by adoring fans around the world, and have the chance to inspire others.

The Drawbacks

The field of acting is highly competitive. For every one actor who makes it big, thousands do not. It can be very hard to differentiate yourself from your competition and you open yourself up to rejection. You will need a thick skin and be very emotionally secure as you endure audition after audition and are told no repeatedly, or told specifically what they don’t like about you. The pay is often minimal until you land a significant role and this could take years to accomplish.

Once you do make it big there are other consequences that come along with it. You will be required to travel often, have a hectic work schedule, and say goodbye to privacy. While fame can be exciting, it does not discriminate, and you will have to be prepared to have your public and private life on display. The hectic scheduling can make having a family life with a spouse and children very difficult. You will spend more days and nights in trailers and hotel rooms than you will your home.

The Overall

Overall, the life of an actor is an exciting one. You can see the world, participate in an art form that continues to evolve, and gain some fame and fortune along the way.

However, this career choice comes with its own demands and consequences. If you are ready to go forward you should hone up your oratory skills, polish that resume, and get your professional actors headshots in Los Angeles, CA ready. The world awaits.

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