Tips on How to Clean Your Diamond Ring

January 1, 2019

Diamond rings tend to accumulate a lot of grime and dirt over the weeks and months when they are on your finger. Therefore, you must learn to clean your diamond to bring it back to the original shiny state. However, this is not an easy exercise because you have to take a few precautions before you proceed with the process.

The jewelry industry has several cleaning methods. You can handle this task professionally or do it at home with the aid of an electric high-efficiency vibration machine where you put the diamond ring in a recipient that contains a special cleaning fluid and shake clean it by the vibrations within the solution that the tool creates. This technique is not the best because as it causes the diamond ring, especially if you set it in silver or gold and is of a particular amount, to wiggle itself loose within the due setting to the vibrations.

The process will catch a loose claw on any material. Perhaps slowly pull apart and as a result, make the diamond prone to falling out especially if you set it between 4 claws. Therefore, you should not allow anyone under any circumstances to use such a procedure to clean your diamond ring. Accepting such a cleaning method comes with some risk factor.

The best method for cleaning your diamond ring is known as the ‘soap sud.’ In this case, you will pour a small size of boiling water in a small recipient after adding one or two drops of cleaning detergent. After this, take an old toothbrush and dip it in the solution. Use it to brush the ring and allow the bristles of the brush to penetrate the small openings that are around your diamond. Do this several times until you are sure that the toothbrush bristles have infiltrates all the orifices that are within and around the mount on the diamond.

Remember to block your sink so that your diamond earrings or engagement rings do not risk falling in the evacuation hole. Use the hot tap to rinse your diamond ring to remove any remaining soap suds before drying it under a clean kitchen tissue or towel. After undertaking this process, the last important step is what involves methylated spirits.

You can now put your diamond pendant or ring is a recipient that contains methylated spirits for approximately 15 seconds. After this, wiggle it a bit in the solution to create a movement. Use a tissue or kitchen towel to dry your diamond ting once more.

The role of the methylated spirit is to revive the brilliance of your metal and give it its shiny look. The methylated spirit will also remove any ‘haze’ effect that the liquid detergent leaves behind. It will provide your diamond ring that extra sparkle that it deserves.

This method is the best for cleaning your diamond because it does not harm the diamond or its mount. Don’t use any hard objects to pry in the orifices of your diamond ring whatever the circumstances. Using anything that is harder than the bristles of a toothbrush will risk scratching the surface of the diamond ring further thus losing its natural beauty.

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