A Handy Guide For Women Planning to Visit A Strip Club

December 4, 2018

Strip clubs are well-known as men’s joint, but this doesn’t mean that women cannot enter these establishments. In fact, more and more females love visiting strip clubs now for their exciting girl’s night out. So, whether you have to go there for a party, to accompany a guy friend, or to just check what the fuss is about, you are surely going to have a pretty exciting and fun filled night.

It is very normal that you must be pretty excited as well as nervous. You must be perplexed with hundreds of mind boggling questions and will be desperately waiting to get some answers. Well, don’t worry! Below are answers to the top 7 questions that any female will have before going to a strip club. The answers to these questions will certainly calm down your anxiety and help you have a great time. So, let’s get started…

Top FAQs before going to a strip club

Will I be welcomed?

You are about to visit one of the best gentlemen’s clubs, so make sure you are well-behaved and you will obviously be welcomed. Just make sure you don’t stop other people from drinking or tipping. Besides, dancing in front of a female is a good change for the dancers too. So, don’t worry, you are definitely welcomed.

What Can I do there? Can I do everything that any man would?

Well, yes you can do whatever any other man is doing in the club. You can ask them to give you a lap dance or a private dance, or whatever is allowed in that particular club.

Can I talk to strippers?

Yes, of course you can talk to them, they are normal people after all. However, it is recommended that you avoid awkward questions like – Do you have kids? What does your family thinks about your job? Or worst, why are you doing this? You can instead have light talks.

How do I get a lap dance?

Well, it is simple, simply ask her to give you a lap dance. If you are feeling awkward, start by complementing her about her looks or the way she dances. Once, you have her attention, ask her politely and friendly for a dance.

Can I take pictures?

Mostly, yes you can have a selfie with them, but it is best to ask for permission. In many states, it is not acceptable to click pictures and you might even get thrown out of the club for this. So, better take permission or simply leave your cellphone in the bag.

Should I tip?

Of course yes. Strippers are not performing for free, and they are really counting on you for tips. So be relaxed, as it is completely normal to tip a stripper, even if you are a woman.

What if my BF is getting more attention?

If you are there with your boyfriend, it is extremely important that you don’t behave like a jealous girlfriend. It is a stripper’s job to please men. So, stop feeling tormented. After all, he will be spending the night with you not her.

Lastly, make sure to enjoy as much as possible, but leave the dancing for strippers. Keep in mind, they are working really hard to sell their talent on the stage, so don’t steal their spot light.

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