Getting the Right Headshots Means Getting the Right Jobs

December 3, 2018

Getting an acting gig in this city is about talent, yes, but it’s also about having the right look to grab someone’s attention in the first place. Once in the door, you can sell them on you and your talent. But, if you’re not working a lot, you may not have a lot of money to spend on photos. You need to find a photographer that can shoot professional headshots inexpensively.

Where to Look

Like with most things, if you have a computer and are comfortable doing a little net surfing, you can find what you’re looking for. Just search for “cheap headshots Los Angeles” and you’ll get several hits.

But you don’t want to just grab the first one you see, or the one with the flashiest website. There’s more that goes into this process than just finding a photographer who offers cheap headshots in Los Angeles.

Things to Look for in a Photographer

Besides money, you want to hire someone who has experience doing professional headshots. A photographer who can take great pictures of nature, isn’t necessarily going to do you any good. You need someone who understands what casting directors are looking for and knows how to present actors in their best possible, natural way, capturing your true personality.

Being actor-focused is a plus. A photographer who makes actor headshots his or her specialty is someone you may want to strongly consider. When you do a little of this and a little of that, you never have the chance to specialize in just one or two areas; so, it takes longer to get exceptional at one or two things. Not so when the photographer is actor-focused. And having a casting director, maybe even an actor, as part of their team should give a photographer or studio the ability to give you a definite edge over competitors.

Other Considerations

There are other things that need to be asked when you’re thinking of booking with a photographer.

Have they been recommended by someone you know and respect?

Do they offer a wardrobe assistant or stylist? You may have an extensive wardrobe already and have a great style sense. But if you have questions, it would be great to be able to speak directly with someone about them. If you don’t have much in the way of wardrobe, a stylist should be able to help you. Ask the person you’re speaking with at the agency, to what extent will a stylist work with you.

A professional studio may also have on staff their own hair stylist and make-up people. If they don’t, you may want to rethink having your headshot taken there. If they do, find out to what extent they’ll work with you and whether they remain with you during the entire photo shoot.

Can they take photos in a variety of settings and with different lighting? That’s important because you never know what kind of role you’ll be considered for. If there are several photos in your portfolio, all taken in different settings with different lighting, it gives agents and casting directors a better idea of how you’d “fit” into those settings.

There are many other things to inquire about with any photographer you’re considering. So, enter cheap headshots Los Angeles into your search engine and get ready to start looking for the one photographer who can really sell you through their work.




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