Why Indian Men Wear Gold Kadas Or Bracelets?

November 13, 2018

Modern men are gaining momentum in getting more stylish, expressive and image conscious. Fortunately, men’s gold kada designs makes a bold and strong statement. Sporting gold kadas is for men with fearless heart because it carries a very bold statement. Trends keep fluctuating and new styles get added regularly but kadas or bracelets for him remains constant.

Kadas look like bangles, but men have been adorning them around their wrists for centuries. For many centuries, Indian men wore kadas as a sign of strength and vitality. It also helped to ward away the evil spirits. Kings and wealthy men in the past era wore heavy golden bangles or bracelets to show their power and status.

Bracelets and kadas

Kada is the most worn bracelet and has been a part of man’s wardrobe for decades. Bracelet is just like any other jewellery item, for e.g. ring. It is worn as an accent but is not a focal point of your outfit. Nevertheless, it certainly gives a distinctive look.

Why Indian men wear kadas or bracelets?

In Western countries bangle related to women but in India men wear gold bangles. If you wonder why Indian men wear kadas?

For style and expressing

Obviously, it is a chic accessory. Kada looks elegant and compliments their Western, Ethnic or Indo-Western Men’s clothing style. Men’s bracelets make them look very cool. It allows them to express their confidence and personality without any fear. Some like to look classy, while a few prefer rockstar or funky look. It also indicates that he adores treating women as equal and respects them. He can choose expensive one form the category bracelets kada or even opt for other materials.

For spirituality

Kadas of different materials hold religious significance. The stainless steel kadas worn by every Sikh connects them with their Guru Gobind Sing, prophet of God. It symbolizes eternity and remind them that there is no beginning nor end to God. Stainless steel kadas represent purity and strength and is intended to supply wearer these qualities. Copper kadas are offered by Hindu gurus. It offers protection to wearer when they are away from their Gurudev. Gurudev is spiritually present with them through this link all the time.

For health and well-being

Kadas designed from copper, silver, and gold metals are good for your health. They are popular for medicinal benefits. Copper kadas have been used to treat arthritis for centuries. Similarly, silver kadas have proved to prevent wound infections, pacify soul, soothe internal organs, remove pathogenic factor and eliminate palpitations. Gold kadas have said to enhance blood circulation, regulate body temperature, and have relaxing effect. Thus, you can double the benefits of wearing kadas that is by adding charm as well as boosting your health.

For conveying a message

Besides being a fashion accessory bracelet can help to convey special message. For example, bracelets with special stones or message engraved have a story behind it. For example, the 7 chakras gemstone bracelet conveys positive energy and has healing effect.

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